Since 2011, we have developed several art projects in the community. These are a few of them:

“Arte Biziak” (2011) ( Horman Poster)

“Ametsak Dantzan“ (2013) (Horman Poster + Muelle3 danza+creación)

“Gizaphoniak” (2015) (Horman Poster+ Muelle3 danza+creación)

“The words that make us up”( 2017-18)

Gizaphoniak (2015) IES Ibarrekolanda + muelle3

 Some caracteristics of an art project in a education context: 

The main goal is not to make “artists” but to collectively share  artistic methodologies in a educative contexts that may help to trigger other divergent and critic ways of learning and interpreting reality.

The context were these type of projects are develop ( i.e, formal schools) means that often that:

  • these projects need to be co-design together with the institution/ school professional in contact with the communities involved.
  • these projects take the body/dance/action and words as the mean of both knowing and social interactions.
  • these projects are collaboative and often they produce a collective narrative place, here and now.
  • these projects are often intense creative processes  ( 4 or 5 sessions)