LA LEÇON (2015)

The mimetic faculty is nothing but the compulsive need to be like others        W. Benjamin

La Leçon is the result of the “stage biographies” of two performers: Mbaye Sene, a senegalese from “griot” ethnicity, who was taught from childhood a tradition of music and dance , and Igor de Quadra, a basque  who learnt and practiced Ettiene Decroux Corporeal Mime during many years in London. In La Leçon both performers´ biographies ( personal and theatrical) are juxtaposed in order to talk about the relationship between learning,mimesis,submission, acculturation and rebelion whenever we aproach the concept of colonialism.


Mbaye Sene ,Matxalen de Pedro  and Igor de Quadra  met in Bilbao in 2012.

Out of that first meeting came the first talks about what was alike or different, about migration and about the stories that we were told about far lands and foreing people.

Then on, we started a scenic work aimed to create a dialogue out of the differences and similarities, our cultural origins and postcolonial stories.






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